11 Marc 2024:

  • All pool in responses now returns price_change_percentage , transactions, and volume_usd in more intervals 5-minutes, 1-hour, 6-hours, and 24-hours.

28 February 2024:

  • image_url now returned in the token response in the /tokens and /pools endpoints.

  • Sorting parameters such as order=h24_volume_usd_desc and order=h24_tx_count_desc added for /pools endpoints.

  • /ohlc endpoint can now accept token address (as long as it exist in the pool queried) to be returned as data.

  • /ohlc response describes the base and target token.

3 December 2023:

  • Pool data now returns transaction stats for the last 1 hour. Unique buyers and sellers in the last 1 hour and 24 hours are now returned in the response.

24 November 2023:

  • Trending Pools API is now available to fetch a list of pools that are trending as seen on GeckoTerminal based on web visits and onchain activities. /networks/{network}/trending_pools

10 November 2023:

  • Inspired by CoinGecko API most popular endpoint, we have launched the Simple endpoint. Simply pass in addresses of any tokens on supported blockchain and get price data for it.

8 November 2023:

  • You can now get the latest 300 trades in the past 24 hours of a given pool. You may optionally filter by trade size as well. /networks/{network}/pools/{pool_address}/trades You can now build your own telegram bot alert!

23 October 2023:

  • You can now fetch token information such as name, image, social links, and description via API calls

  • To fetch information of tokens inside a pool, use /networks/{network}/pools/{pool_address}/info

  • To fetch information of a specific token use /networks/{network}/tokens/{address}/info

  • If you like to get token information of the most recently updated tokens, use /tokens/info_recently_updated

11 September 2023:

  • Pool response data now returns price in the base and quote token of the pool base_token_price_quote_token and quote_token_price_base_token for your convenience without the need to do additional calculation to derive these values.

7 September 2023:

  • Added new endpoint to search for pools /search/pools based on keywords passed into query.

6 September 2023:

  • Added new endpoints to allow querying multiple pools and tokens in a single API call. /networks/{network}/pools/multi/{addresses} and /networks/{network}/tokens/multi/{addresses}

23 June 2023:

  • More data added to the Pool response such as FDV, market cap (from CoinGecko if available), price change percentage, volume, number of buy/sell transactions

  • More data added when querying for token such as FDV, volume, market cap, and the top 3 pools.

28 May 2023:

  • Token metadata such as name, symbol, and CoinGecko ID are now returned in the Pool response. Need to pass in this attribute include=base_token,quote_token.

  • CoinGecko asset platform ID added to the response for /api/v2/networks API call.

19 April 2023:

  • Rate limit increased from 10 calls per minute to 30 calls per minute

18 April 2023:

  • base_token_native_currency and quote_token_native_currency added to the pools endpoint response. This allows you to obtain price in the network's native currency in addition to in USD.

  • reserve_in_usd added to the pools endpoint response. This returns total liquidity/reserve of the pool in USD.

  • pool_created_at added to the pools endpoint response.

  • /networks/{network}/new_pools API endpoint added to query new pools discovered for a network

  • /networks/new_pools API endpoint added to query new pools discovered across all networks

23 March 2023:

  • ohlcv endpoint returns more granularity day, hour, minute and multiple aggregates

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