GeckoTerminal is a DeFi and DEX aggregator. Explore the market data & prices of any tokens traded across 110+ blockchain networks across 900+ DEXes – brought to you by the same team behind CoinGecko.

GeckoTerminal API (Beta) aims to make DEX/DeFi data even more accessible to all developers through RESTful JSON endpoints. Developers can get the price, market data, and historical charts of any token by calling the API.

Here are some examples of what you can do with the GeckoTerminal API :-

  • Get the market data (price, volume, historical chart) of any token on-chain, with a given token or pool address.

  • Find all the pools that are trading a specific token.

  • Plot a candlestick chart using OHLCV when given a pool address

You may try out all free endpoints via our public API swagger docs: ​https://www.geckoterminal.com/dex-api .

The GeckoTerminal API is currently free to use and in Beta release. It is therefore subject to changes. We strive to minimize disruption, and setting the request Version would help avoid unexpected issues.

Attribution: As the API is currently free to use, we require that you provide a link attribution back to GeckoTerminal’s website where our API is used.

Access On-Chain DEX Data on CoinGecko API

The same on-chain DEX data that is currently available on GeckoTerminal’s Public API is also accessible via CoinGecko API’s new /onchain endpoints. Subscribe to any paid plan to increase rate limits and gain access to crypto price, market data, metadata and more.

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